Covering all of your ​​Commercial Warranty Needs​
Value Proposition
Why choose Preferred Maintenance Company as your partner?
Below are just a few examples how Preferred Maintenance Company can enhance your Limited Warranty coverage, reduce internal cost and expenses while improving customer satifaction and experience. 
Warranty and Service Contracts

  1. Offer your customers Extended Warranty coverage beyond the Manufacturers Limited Warranty period.
  2. If your Manufacturer Limited Warranty only includes Parts coverage (No Labor), we can add the  Labor component two different ways.  Embedded to the Limited Warranty or offered as an upsell to the customer at the time purchase.  

Note: Our Warranty and Service Contracts are backed by an "A" rated insurance carrier during full term.
Call Center and Technical Support
If you support your own in-house call center to handle Warranty or Limited Warranty commercial customer calls to report mechanical failure or software issue, Preferred Maintenance Company can assist or fully manage this responsibility on your behalf reducing your internal cost and reduce your cost per claim. 

On-Site Repair Service 
If you use independent servicers to handle on-site repair service, Preferred Maintenance Company can reduce your internal cost per claim by managing this responsibility for you.   Depending on the type of product, we have the ability to warehouse parts, provide reverse logistic and asset recovery services.